PJJ Antony

PJJ Antony is a short story writer from India and currently employed In Jubail, Saudi Arabia as Human Resource Specialist. He writes in English and his mother tongue Malayalam. He is the author of 4 story collections in Malayalam and one in English titled Come, Let Us Sin. His writings examine freedom, sexuality, spiritualism, human condition, The idea of Absolute etc in the light of contemporary life situations.


His early writings are concerned mainly with politics of the left and pseudo religions which slowly matured into critical expeditions into intellectual spheres of religion and politics. His ideas on human freedom, nationalism, spirituality etc run counter to the existing notions and are often agnostic and anarchic.

His plots / themes explore the exotic situations in life with deep understanding of human condition. A young lady scheming to trap a priest to discard celibacy to enjoy the carnal pleasures with her, a young nurse who use her naked body to lure a half-dead coma patient to life, a crude layman who on a Good Friday subject himself to violent death in public as penance for the sins of bishops, a communist who abandons his roots to float around the globe as his party forfeits its dogma, four young writers from India and abroad assembled in a remote Assam town on the invitation of a Bodo intellectual being kidnapped by a beautiful militant, how the presence of a charming snake changes the life of a young couple etc. Each story has its own exotic thread to explore contemporary Indian life often with an aura of multiculturalism.

Intense treatment of themes related to human freedom, politics, spirituality and sex have brought commendations from prominent literary critics like Shaji Jacob, TT Sreekumar, EP Rajagopalan, Reghunathan Parali, M.Krishnan Nair etc.

PJJ Antony was born to Mariamma Therroth & James Panackalpurackal on February 1, 1952 in a liberal Indian Catholic family from Alappuzha, Kerala, Southern India. Schooling from Jesuit managed Leo XIII and graduated in English literature from Delhi University.

Most of his books have been published by DC Books, Kottayam, Kerala, INDIA.

Youth trainer in communication, leadership, creative writing etc. Motivational speaker. Active in Toastmasters International – www.toastmasters.org .Achieved Distinguished Toastmaster honor - DTM.